Godfrey’s Ear

Hand-painted shabby chic furniture and accessories

Godfrey's Ear at The Olde Englishe Emporium Matlock

Antiques & Vintage

from Caroline Cullingham

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Email: caroline@godfreys-ear.co.uk

Web: www.godfreys-ear.co.uk

The Story of Godfrey’s Ear

Godfrey is a wooden giraffe I purchased in South Africa many years ago.

One day Sebastian, our Siamese cat, took a great dislike to Godfey. A subtle nose nibble was followed by an attempt at total destruction as Sebastian knocked Godfrey over with such force that his right ear broke off and was lost.

Godfrey was moved to the loft, and eventually was packed up ready for his final journey to the tip. Somehow, though, I just couldn’t part with him, so I decided to find a way to re-invent him.Godfrey of Godfrey's Ear

I rebuilt his ear, covered him in tissue paper of multi-coloured hearts, tied a large pale bow round his neck and placed crystals in the shape of a heart on his hoof. Today he looks very proud and quite beautiful, and stands proudly within our home…but well out of reach of Sebastian.

Inspired by giving Godfrey his new lease of life, I decided to rescue old, tired and unwanted furniture, so that it too could have a chance to be re-loved. And that is how my little business came to be.

To me, each item of furniture has its own character, so when painting each piece I like to chioose the colour and finish to suit its personality and to complement today’s interiors.

I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax for protection. I take inspiration from nature, earth tones, and natural fabrics. Godfrey is, of course, an exception to this rule, as he is rather flamboyant.